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Looking for hip, sexy, or casual vocals?
How about something cute and exciting for your childrens' project? Look no further! My name is Deidre Morton, and I am a professional voiceover actress in California. I specialize in commercial, characters, and promo reads, as well as video and childrens' book narration. My voice ranges from low and sultry to high and child-like, with a little rasp sprinkled in for some spirit!
Have a listen to my samples, easily purchase a spot
, or even message me directly to discuss your project for a better idea of my fit!
And of course, if you're a DJ, don't forget to download my free soundbites! Enjoy!
Deidre Morton
     voiceover artist



...and MORE!


Services & Demos

Holding Gift Card


Sexy, sultry, edgy, and even casual reads for commercials and advertisements that your audience can relate to!

DJ on the Set


Hip, and highly enhanceable! I offer custom dry DJ drops and station ID's that you are free to modify, play with, and use however you like! (Check out my FREE DJ drops and fillers too!)

Image by Afif Ramdhasuma


Little boys, gutsy girls, cuddly creatures, and everything in between! I play characters of all kinds for animation, kids' apps, story adaptations, and more!

Fish Tales


My read style for childrens' books is articulate and whimsical, and will capture the imagination of any child!

Quick  Buy!

For my seasoned professionals and returning clients who already know what they want-- fast, clean, and straight-to-the-point reads! Done within 72 hours. (Usually sooner!) 

Custom DJ Drops

DJ Play Packs!

A pack of 24 dry phrases for DJ's of all kinds!

You will receive a .ZIP file of 24 clean, crisp and sexy soundbites in WAV format (unless otherwise specified). Chop it, swirl it, light it up- have fun with it!

(Feel free to share the final edit with me that I can add to my portfolio for a discount on your next order!)


Cost includes:

  • Commercial Rights

  • Full Broadcast Rights

  • 24 HQ Audio Files



Feel free to download and use these FREE female voice DJ drops, created by me! Use them anywhere, for anything, royalty-free! For more, purchase one of my DJ play packs, or order a customized read just for your performance/podcast/radio show!


Seeking a voice? Have a few questions? Tell me about your project, and what you have in mind, receive a quote, and we'll go from there!

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